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Volume 1 Dates: 1926 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1946 1947

Volume 2 Dates: 1948 1949 1950

Many of these photos can be viewed and searched in the CSHL Symposium database that will soon be available.

Volume 1


1-1 Group outside Blackford (no date given) including ____ Johnson;Millia Davenport;Mrs.Davenport; Mrs. Alice Hall Walter;Annie Henchman;Kornhauser; Dr. Walter;Jane Davenport;Clyde Fisher;Arthur Harris; Pratt;Carlton MacDowell (listed people numbered on sheet)

1-2 Blank Page

1-3 Schaeffer;Pratt / Pratt / Pratt;Schaeffer;Millia Davenport / A.A. Schaeffer / Pratt;Peary;Millia Davenport

1-4 Blank Page

1-5 A.A. Schaeffer / Inner Harbor / People in Sailboat (no identification) / Year dated 1926

1-6 "The Ameba" (sic) 5 photos

1-7 1933/34 dated / Wawepex;Jones / Blackford / Carnegie Tents / Hooper Edward Kornhauser;Emmy Lous Mudd;Harvey Mudd / ?;Conard / Buckholtz;Bridges / Calvin Bridges

1-8 Blank Page

1-9 Four Photos (seem as if they were clipped from publication) Panorama taken from Cannon Hill includes Wawepex, Blackford Hooper, Jones, Cottage / "The Physiology Lab" / Nichols Bldg. / Jones and Blackford

1-10 "The Doctor Walter B. James Memorial Laboratory"

1-11 1934 (6) small photos panorama of lab

1-12 Photos dated 1935 / Blackford / Blackford Hall / Nichols / Dr. & Mrs. Kendall;Bill Castle; Evelyn Spieth; Herman Spieth; Bobby Castle / Jones; Hooper / Hooper Davenport Lab; "Teddy" (dog) / People on dock (no identified)

1-13 Dated 1935 / Whaling Dock Bob Gannt, Bim and Dotty Curtis, Jane Harris, Ken and Elizabeth Cole / Whaling Dock Reg Harris / Dredging Boat / Montauk Point / Montauk Point / Dredging Trip / (2) photos of unidentified people on beach

1-14 Dated 1935 Evelyn Spieth, Kay Hinchey / Cain;Spieth / Mabel Blum;HalBlum, Stan Cain / Dr. Stanley Cain

No page 1-15

1-16 Dated 1935 Harold (Pat) Mestre;Harold Blum;Mabel Blum;Jane Harris;Patsy Mestre / Pat Mestre;Jane Harris;Stan Cain;Patsy Mestre;Mabel Blum; Dana Ashley / Bim & Dotty Curtis;Ruth Van Olinda;Fred Brackett; Lucille Brackett;Hal Blum / Louisa Calder;Sandy Calder;Jane Harris;Patsy Mestre; Stanley Cain / Brackett Family / Pat Mestre;Mabel Blum;Patsy Mestre;Hal Blum / Blackford Front Port Karl Meyer;Mrs. Meyer / Stanley Cain;Jo & Bob Gaunt;Elsa & Martha Howland / Mudds and Mestres

1-17 Dated 1935 Dr. Reginald Harris and Jane Harris / Reginald Harris;Kastle / Missing photo as of 6/25/75 which included Patsy Mestre; Pat Mestre;Jane Harris;Reg Harris;Mabel Blum / Miss Cuzzart;Dr. Singer / Mildred and Stan Cain / Herman & Evelyn Spieth / Mildred Cain;Fred Brackett;Ed Hart / Cain, Spieth, Pennfound

1-18 Dated 1935 Dr. Corner, George Corner, Bob Gaunt / Ted Lytle, Betty Whitaker;Pfeiffer / Charles Tobin;Ed Hart; Maurice Keen / Don Burdick / Dr. Harris; Bim Curtis / Charles Winter / Jones Laboratory

1-19 Blank Page

1-20 Hooper / (3) Panoramas

1-21 Harbor View includes Jones (2) lab shots unidentified

1-22 1935 Symposium Attendee List

1-23 Note by Susan Cooper "Program For 3rd Symposium in 1935 (1st and 2nd programs are not available)"

1-24 Looseleaf Paper which says "3rd Symposium Program"

1-25 Group shot of symposium participants outside Blackford (schematic with names on next page)

1-26 Schematic of participants in 1935 symposium with following names:

John MacLeod;George W. Coprner;Richad Bear;Andre Voet;Francis McCoy;CArl C. Speidel; T.L. Smith;Bert Cunningham; Philip Richardson; Margaret Rheinberger; Jorgen E. Lehmann;Phillip Solomon; A.A. Schaeffer; Eugene Meyers; Homer Smith; Joseph Spencer; W. Randall Bell; David L. Davidson; Harold Barrett; H. Thomas Randall; Laurence S. Moyer; Samuel Morris; Howard J. Curtis; A.A. Schaeffer Jr; D.M. Gallagher; Stanley A. Cain; Phronsie Marsh; Dorothy Klem; Jane Harris; Vivian Behrmann; Edward Walzl; Charles Roh; Ernest Blanchard; Milton Berg; Ivon R.Taylor; Fredrick Avis; Mrs. A.M. Monnier; Jerome Brunewr; George Kreezer; I. Sizer; George Cummins; Mary J. Brown; Harold A. Abramson; Theodore Lytle; Macolcolm MacKensie: Marjorie Van Olinda; Annette Bacon; Mrs. Carl Speidel; M. Catherine Hinchey; Mrs. I. Sizer; Ruth E. Conklin; Hester Ann Corner; Mrs. Wyss; Otto Schmitt; Alexander Forbes; Detlev W. Bronk; David Climenko; Eric Ponder : McKeen Cattell; Francis O. Schmitt; Mrs. F.O. Schmitt; Georges Coppee; Arturo Rosenblueth; A. M. Monnier Jose Odoriz; Hallowell Davis; Ing. J.F. Toennies

1-27 Lehmann / Mrs. Monnier / Coppee, Lehmann / Hooper House / Shore Dinners at Leo Gerards

1-28 People in Jones / People at Beach studying / Mrs. VanCleave; Dr. Van Cleave; Evelyn Spieth; Herman Spieth; Bill Castle; Stan Cain / (2) photos of unidentified people

1-29 Spieth; Castle; Cain / Cain; Castle / Spieth; Castle; Cain

1-30 Eric Ponder / Dr. and Mrs. Schmidt / Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cole / Ruth Van Olinda / Bobby and Sandra Abramson / Dr. and Mrs. Solomon / Van Cleave

1-31 Blank Page

1-32 Dated 1936 Jones Lab / Davenport Laboratory / Coming in from Outer Harbor View / People at Dock

1-33 Unidentified people in suits / Dr. & Mrs. Howard J. Curtis; (Bim and Dot) / Men outside of Blackford (unidentified) / Ted Lytle;Stan Cain;Patsy Mestre;Betty McKee / Elizabeth Cole;Dot Curtis / People on Blackford Deck / Unidentified people on beach

1-34 Dated 1936 People on dredging trip / 4 Various photos / Tom Goldsmith;Dot Klem;?;Ted Lytle;Parish;Alice, Elsie Luty; Dotty Curtis / Evelyn and Herman Spieth

1-35 Lytle;Castle;"Dave";Bud Morris / Unidentified People on Beach / Castle;Spieths

1-36 1937 Symposium Participants outside of Blackford (schematic but no identifying paper)

1-37 Blank Page

1-38 Dated 1937 H.L. Fevold;J.B. Collip / W.R. Lyons / Dr. & Mrs. Curt P. Richter / Dr. H.L. Fevold / Dr. James C. Munch (and Jimmy, child);Dr. J.B. Collip;Dr. Eric Ponder;Dr. Ernest Blanchard;Mr. Irving Ochs;Miss Marjorie Van Olinda; Dr. E.J. Robinson / Dr. W.R. Lyons;Dr. G.F. Marrian;Dr. Kenneth Donahue / Ken and Esther Donahue

1-39 Dr. and Mrs. Carl Moore / Dr. Edgar Allen;Dr. C.N.H. Long Bradbury / Dr. and Mrs. Butz / Dr. Bert Cunningham / Dr. and Mrs. T.L. Smith / Dr. Benoit / Dr. and Mrs. Corner and Hester

1-40 Dr. Herbert M. Evans / Malvina Schweizer /Malvina Schweizer; Zer and Erno Baloch / Dr. and Mrs. W.R. Ingram and Wally / Dr. and Mrs. L.V. Domm; / Bob Gaunt; Dr. Pfeizzer; Dr. Hill / Dr. Hill; Dr. Emil Witschi; Dr. Hateris

1-41 Dr. Samuel R.M. Reynolds / Dr. Wilbur W. Swingle / Mrs. ?; Mrs. Ingram; Mrs. Zwemer; Mrs. Long; Dr. R.L. Zwemer; Ray Zwemer / Dr. Hans O. Haterius / Dr. and Mrs. C.N.H. Long and Barbara / Phyliss Parkins; Josephine Gaunt; Alice Swingle

1-42 1937 Symposium Program

1-43 Hermann Rahn; Charles Harrold; Katherine Brownell; Raymond Zwemer; Robert Gaunt; Mrs. Domm; Frank Hartman; Lincoln Domm; Malvina Schweizer; Stanley Sarnoff; Warren Nelson; Albert Gordon; M.J. Kempner; Hanas Haterius; Bert Cunningham; Dorothy Klem; T.L. Smith; Eric Ponder; Rex Ingram; Irving Ochs; George Corner; Arnold Sookne; CNH Long; eEdith Fry; LC Hyman (?); Mrs. Ingram; John MacLeod; Sam Reynolds; Lawrence Moyer; Bradbury; EJ Robinson; Royston Maloeuf; Edward Parker; Stanley Cain; Adolph Parts; ET Engle; Ernest Blanchard; Marjorie Van Olinda; Jane Harris; Mrs. Moyer; Renee Pekins; Mrs. Corner; Mrs. Abramson; Mrs. Long; Mrs. Nelson; Eleanor Loomis; Jane Operman; Margaret Fishburne; Hester Corner; Mrs. Riedman; Mrs. Grollman; Mrs. Swener; Barbara Long; Wally Ingram; Suzanne Swemer; Taymond Sqemer; Pat Grollman; Charles Cavanaugh; Chester Fairlie; Walter Edmundson; Solomon Feldman; Arthur Grollman; Wm. Lanne Williams; William Clarkson; Lawrence Fitch; Charles Roh; Joseph Bulik; Phillip Berkowitz

1-44 "Phil" Oar/ jubs / Dr. Herman Spieth / Mildred Cain; Bob Gaunt; Jo Gaunt; Stanley Cain; Phil Parkins Bill Parkins / Missing Photo of Jane Harris 6/2/75 / Mr. Wheeler / Jo Gaunt; Patty Nelson; Lincoln Domm; Hazel Domm / Hans Haterius; Rex Ingram

1-45 Dr. and Mrs. R.L. Zwemer / Jane Harris / Zwemers / Ted Lytle; Louis Marston / Ray Zwemer; Marjorie Van Olinda; Ray Zwemer Jr; Susanne Zwemer; Stanley Cain; Dorothy Zwemerz / Marjorie Van Olinda; John MacLeod;Ray Zwemer / Stan Cain; Louis Marston

1-46 Dated 1937 Warren Nelson; Mildred Cain; Bob Gaunt / People inside (unidentified) / Alice and Wilbur Swingle / Jo Gaunt; Bill Parkins; James Potter; Al Taylor; Patty Nelson; Anne Bacon / Bob and Jo Gaunt; Stan Cain / James Potter; Bill Parkins; Al Taylor / Phil Parkins; Ruth (not Ginny) Potter; Stanley Cain; Patsey Taylor; Patty Nelson; Alice Swingle (THERE IS A NOTE ON THIS PAGE INDICATING THAT THE PHOTO IDENTIFIED AS GINNY POTTER IS RUTH POTTER/ THE NOTE'S AUTHOR IS UNKNOWN.)

1-47 Dated 1937 Patsy and Pat Mestre / Theodore Dreiser / Elsie Moyer; Laurence Moyer; Bobby Abramson / Ted Just; ?; Stan Cain / Group photo (no schematic) outside of Blackford

1-48 Dated 1937 People in water (unidentified) / Bill Castle / Group inside Jones / Unidentified people on beach / Jane Harris (bathing suit) / Herman Spieth / Field Zoology Class / People in Marshlands

1-49 3 beach photos no identification

1-50 1938 Symposium Program

1-51 Symposium Participant Photo

1-52 Schematic Top Row: Henry Bull;Smolens;David Lachman; Abramam Edelman; Joseph Fruton; Bictor Monke; Vincent Morgan; Marcel Mathier; Hermann Rahn; Bob Silber; Tim Eversole; Marshall Melin; Bob Furchgott; Chester Hyman 2nd Row: Hugh Davson; Roger Herriot; Chuck Lloyd; Bill Kempner; Charles Noback; Janet Daniels; Dorothy Wrinch; Laurence Moyer; Don Turner; Leon Levinson; Stuart Mudd; Edward Parker; Alan Hisey; Chase Jones; Patty Nelson; Jane Harris; Mabel Blum; Mrs. Meyer; Harold Blum; Jacinto Steinhardt 3rd Row: Jenny Shapiro; Fanny Schneider; Dick Overman; Edgar Wile; George Corner; Hans Haterius; Eric Ponder; Hans Neurath; Sheldon Edgerton; Eloise Jameson; Dorothy Klem; Mrs. K. Stern; Rudy Stern 4th Row: Edith Grossman; Karl Meyer; Alice Ackerman; Marjorie Van Olinda; Charlie Haterius; Mona Haterius; Ruth Ponder; Jimmie De Tomasi; Annette Bacon; Elsie Moyer; Hilda Neurath; Fredricka Bull; Mrs. J. Fruton; Eleanor Loomis; Jeannine Nelson; Mrs. R. Herriot; Josephine Gaunt

Harold Blum; Henry Bull; Ruth Ponder / Unidentified people on benches

1-53 Dr. and Mrs. J.W. Wilkins; Janet / Ted Lytle / Mathieu; Astbury / Charlie, Jeneanne

1-54 Dated 1938 Warren Nelson; Harry Charipper; Hans Haterius, Bob Gaunt; "Jo" Gaunt / Jo Gaunt / Jo Gaunt and Bob Gaunt / Missing Photo of D. Klem (6/2/75) / Marine Zoology Class

1-55 Marine Zoology Class / People (unidentified) on Jones steps / Asterias sp. I/ nside Jones Lab / Unidentified Man at lab desk

1-56 Plant Zoology Conference / Pam Butler; Chuck Wurtz; Chris Markus; Clarence Goodnight

1-57 1939 Symposium Participants

1-58 Schematic of above photo First Row Seated: EdwardCuneo; Fritz Lipmann; Gerald Dolin; Frederick Bernheim; Hester Corner; Irving Korr; Sandra Abramson; Mrs. Joseph Melnick; Mrs. Kurt Stern; Frances Kuchler; Naomi Zinken; John MacLeod; Joseph Melnick; ? Abrams Second Row Seated: George W. Corner; Dot Klem; Jane Harris; Bobbie Abramson; Kurt Stern; Jimmy de Tomasi; Kurt Salomon; Mrs. Kurt Salomon; Jerene Robbins; Mrs. C. Gemmill; Janice Cutler; Muriel Goldman; Dorothy Wrinch First Row Standing: Bill Kempner; Harold Abramson; ? Shapiro; David Goddard; J.M. Nelson; Gregory Pincus; Dean Burk; Ruth Ponder; Eric Ponder; Mrs. Carl Cori; Mrs. George Corner; Mrs. J. Baumberger; Mrs. F. Bernheim; Betty Robinson; Sidney Belick; Bill Summerson; Hudson Hoagland; Morris Lipton; Nicholas Fugo; B.A. Wordeman; Ted Lytle Last Row Standing: Myron Arrick; Mark Graubard; Charlie Kensler; Robert Ollry; Paul Preisler; Mrs. Preisler; Sam Barker; Alan Hisey; J. Percy Baumberger; Otto Muller; J.N. Stannard; Chester Hyman; Vernon Krahl; Ralph Kellog; John Geary; Peter Laury; Margaret Austin; Bob Furchgott; Carl Cori; Leslie Hellerman; Hans Haterius

1-59 Gregory Pincus / Jimmy DeTomasi /Otto Muller; McKeen; Cattell / Fritz Lipmann; Dean Burk; The Salomans / Carnegie Bio Lab Wedding August 1939 / John MacLeod; Eve Dirkes; Ellis Robinson; Charles and Kitty Warren; Bill Summerson / E. Shorr; C. Gemmill; F. Bernheim

1-60 Dated 1939 Wawepex / Blackford / Marc Graubard / Blackford / Otto Muller;J.P. Baumberger / Panorama (Blackford) / Percy and Alberta Baumberger / Panorama

1-61 1940 Symposium Program

1-62 Dated 1940 Jane Harris / Margery Dayson; Eric Ponder; Ruth Ponder / Eric Ponder / Dorothy Wrinch / "The Three Pandas" - Lawrence Moyer; Harold Abramson; Manuel Gorin / The Teaching Staff...Dan Barren; Hane ?

1-63 Tom Smith / Hooper / Dorothy Wrinch / Royce and Dorothy Skow / "Mooring" Restaurant / Panorama entitled "Carnegie"

1-64 Phil Bridges / M. Demerec / Eileen Sutton;Kitty Brehme / Tennis Game (Charlie Warren for Bio Lab); Umpire, Bob Stewart; / Charlie Warren and Bill Summerson (both Players for bio labs) / Jane Dunn; Sidney Velick; Bill Summerson; Charlie Warren

1-65 Field Zoology Class 1940 Trip to Fire Island / Bob Little; Bill Herschkopf; Hugh Gundelfiner; Jimmy de Tomasi; Marvin Meyer; Jane Harris; Jane Edwards; Roger Cole; Janice Cutler; KC Cole / Hugh Gundelfinger; Jane Harris; Bill Herschkopf / People on boat Janic Cutler; Bob Little; Ken Cole; Marvin Meyer; Jane Harris; Hugh Gundelfinger; Jimmy de Tomasi; Jane Edwards / Jane Harris; Dorothy Dreyer / Dorothy Dreyer; Ken Cole; Roger Cole; Jimmy de Tomasi; Hugh Gundelfinger / Roger Cole, Marvin Meyers; Elizabeth Cole; Emma ?; Dorothy Drever; Jane Edwards;Dot Klem; Walter Rosenblith; Janice Cutler

1-66 Shelby Cox; Anne Blinks at the Bio Lab Dock / Marvin Meyer; Buck Dreyer; Jane Harris; 2 students / Field Zoology Students / The Sandspit with Dot Klem; Bill Kempner / F.Tailman; Barbara Burks

1-68 1941 Symposium / S. Luria; LJ Stadler / LC Dunn; B. Ephrussi; C. Stern / CL Huskins / CL Huskins; F. Schrader / LJ Stadler; C Stern / M. Delbruck; WM Stanley

1-69 The Theoretical Physicists...Max Delbruck; S. Luria; F. Exner / DF Jones; MM Rhoades / Sewall Wright / EC MacDowell; Clara J. Lynch / Ernst Mayr / RR Gates; TS Painter; ?; F. Schrader (?); E. Jones; S. Schrader / Muller / RR Gates; TS Painter; Enzmann

1-70 Symposium Picnic at Jones Beach, June 1941 / Wm. Stanley; Max Delbruck; AE Mirskey; JW Gowen / CB Davenport / Stanley; Delbruck; Gowen; Mirskey / "The Director Organizing Somebody" (Demerec) / Demerec; M. Rhoades; Ruth Potter / Eileen Sutton; Arn Sparrow; Al Miller / Max Perrod; Alfred Mirskey;Jack Schultz

1-71 Genetics Society Meetings August 1941 : J. Neel; El Waletzky / LC Dunn; E. Caspari; FM Hutt; P Sawin / BP Kaufmann; M. Demerec / The HF Muellers; A. Weinstein; Jerry and Carl Lindegren / A. Holland; N. Giles

1-72 Edgar Anderson; BP Kaufman / B. Ephrussi; LC Dunn / M. Demerec; WP Spencer; BP Sonnenblick / J. Neel; El Waletzky; RA Brink; J. Behnke / Dick and Dit Kimball; Lib and Gordon Carlson / Myron Gordon

1-73 Hooper Bldg. / Hooper Bldg / Nichols / Jimmy de Tomasi / Dot Klem / Maydelle Bishop and Bob Stewart just before their marriage

1-74 Peter Cole; Albert Claude / Beatrice Lashin; Dorothy Wrinch; ML Anson / Barbara McClintock / T. Shedlovsky; I. Fankuchen; R. Boche / C. Knight I Fankuchen; R. Boche; FM Uber / HJ Muller

1-75 Maurice Whittinghill / Jack Schultz; Curt Stern / Dick Kimball / AH Sparrow; D. Ayr; AM Banta; OT Hinton; Kim Atwood / The Sixth Member of the ? Crew, Kitty Brehme / Elizabeth Jones; Clara Lynch / Marie Jakus

1-76 Outside shots of lab / Roadside shot / Jones Lab (2) / Henry Dorsey (mowing lawn) / Back of Wawepex

1-77 Blank Page

1-78 M. Demerec; TM Sonneborn / PW Zimmerman; RF Kimball / BP Kaufman; J. Schooley / PW Whiting; RC Cook / F. Skoog; BH Willier / S. Luria; E. Sansome / Vera Dantchakoff and her adopted son

1-79 Bernard Nebel; Jim Neel; Bentley Glass / A. Lipschutz; M. Steggerda / M. Levine; PW Zimmerman / LC Dunn / Earl Engle / Clifford Grobstein; CL Huskins / AE Severinghaus

1-80 1942 Symposium: CL Huskins; Barbara McClintock / CB Davenport; PW Zimmerman / J. Van Overbeek; ME Conklin / DE Marcy; AF Blakeslee; J. Van Overbeek / Eileen Sutton; Annette Terzian; David Perkins / Zimmerman; Blakeslee; Ephrussi; Skoog / O. Riddle / LC Dunn; B. McClintock

1-81 BH Willier; TM Sonneborn / CW Hagen; Betty and Dietrich Bodenstein; Tracy Sonneborn / BF Kimball; RH Burns / Hans and Francis Selye / E. Witschi; V. Dantchakoff / AF Blakeslee; B. Ephrussi; F. Skoog; E. Sansome / RH Burns

1-82 Joseph Gilman;Gw Corner / Bentley Glass; Leonard Huskins on the Warren's Sun Porch / A. Lipschutz; F. Skoog / Hetty and Lefty Lahr / Olga Schiller; Nelson Spratt / M. Demerec's Final Speech of the 1942 Symposium

1-83 Emil Witschi (color) / A. Lipschutz (color) / Oscar Riddle (color) / K. Brehme; Folke Skoog / Kodachromes by Horace Marvin

1-84 Eileen Sutton; Agnes Fisher / Jack Schultz; Eileen Sutton / Manny and Max Delbruck (Max grew a beard in 1942) chess photo / Jack Schultz advising on the Bridges-Brehme book / J. Schultz; Sutton; M. Whittinghill / Shelby Vox; Charlie Warren

1-85 The Bio Lab Dock / Two photos of people on dock / Dietrich Bodenstein; Janet Gest / M. Demerec (swimming) / Chat Sansome; M. Demerec; Tutig Rosenblum / Charlie Warren; Dietrich Bodenstein; Eileen Sutton; S. Rosenblum / C. Warren; E. Sutton; S. Zamenhoff; R. Cox

1-86 Kitty Brehme / Charlie Warren; Bentley Glass (tennis) / Horace and Peg Marvin / WF Hollander / Willard Hollander; Bita Rausch / Vernon Bryson (tennis)

1-87 Kitty Brehme / Alice Hellmer / Dorothy Longacre in Jones Building / Dot Longacre / Dotty Klem

1-88 Blank Page

1-89 Unidentified Male / Maurice Whittinghill

1-90 Richard Cox

1-91 1946 Nature Study shots

1-92 Three 1946 Nature Study shots of kids

1-93 1947 Symposium Program

1-94 Sonneborn / Blackford Hall / People outside Blackford / A. Mirsky; I. Goodman; I. Galinsky / CC Lindegren; AB Shull / A. Mirsky; JM Gulland / R. Herriott; CA Knight / P. Hotchkiss; H. Taylor; CA Knight

1-95 Ellen and Edgar Stedman / W. Maas; TM Sonneborn / The Stedmans / J. Brachet; E. Patterson; P. St. Lawrence / L. Michaelis; CL Huskins / J. Lederburg; E Zimmer Lederburg; F. Ryan / A. Gulick / JM Gulland; Z. Dische / S. Spiegelman; CA Carter

1-96 W. Maas; D. Bonner / B. McClintock / Powers; Rudkin / BP Kaufman / Krugelis; Pollisteb / Bern Kaufman / R. Stowell / L. Michaelis / E. Caspari

1-97 H. Kis; A. Sparrow / A. Boivin; J. Lederburg / M. Errera; J. Brachet / E. Tatum, J. Lederburg; S. Spiegelman / JB Buck / M. Demerec; E. Tatum / G. Schmidt; G. Brown / E. Paterson; G Rudkin / A. Mirsky; TM Sonneborn

1-98 Seymour Cohen / F. Schrader; S. Hughes-Schrader / "C.C. Lindgren trying to sell a theory about the spindle to B. McClintock" / S. Hughe-Schrader / H. Crouse; T. Sonneborn; B. McClintock / E. Krugelis / P. St. Lawrence; J. Schultz / R. Stewart; B. Taylor; J. Crow H. / De Stefano; A. Pollister

1-99 JN Davidson; E and E. Stedman / E. Chargaff / Symposium Room / People outside Blackford / G. Schmidt; Stedmans; Z. Dische / A. Brues; A. Hollander / J. Brachet; J. Reiner / JM Gulland; G. Schmidt / L. Michaelis / E. Witkin; A. Sparrow / A. Boivin; ?

1-100 Getting Ready for Jones Beach Picnic : V. Bryson was a key figure / JM Gulland / A. Boivin / JN Davidson / Elizabeth Shull Russell; Mrs. Shull / BR Coonfield; LH Worley / People on beach / I. Goodman; E. Krugelis

1-101 People outside Blackford (2) / C. Carter; M. Errera; J. Brachet / M. Demerec; E. Witkin; TM Sonneborn; H. Holter / S. Spiegelman; W. Fano / A. Sparrow; E. Krugelis; B. Taylor / C. Lindgren; K. Brehme; CL Huskins; C. Warren; F. Schrader; S. Hughes-Schader / H. Hayden; A. Sparrow / People outside Blackford (2) / M. Errera; J. Brachet / H. Hyden; S. Cohen / A. Pollister; CA Knight

1-102 Visitors in July : FO Schmitt / Paul Weiss / Al Miler with E. Stedman / Visitors in August / Koller with MJD White / Jacques Monod with B. McClintock / Dr. and Mrs. M. Westergard with B. McClintock / The Westergards with Ped Koller

1-103 Bungtown Road / Williams House / Bungtown Road / Maryda Swanstrom / Dorothy Stephen / Ernst Caspari and Hansi / E. Caspari; E. Mayr / The Herskowitz Identical Twin Boys, one year old / The Twins Papa - IH Herskowitz

1-104 Charles Warren; Clark Fraser / Inner Harbor / Hooper House / Sidney Kolowick / Leo Szilard; Elaine Cohen and Michael / Kitty Wilson / Gay Adam's 4th birthday party

1-105 "The Sandspit from Paul's" (2) / Working on Vernon Bryson's sailboat....Clark Fraser; Maryda Swanstrom; Vernon Bryson; Charles Warren / "Vernon's boat never did get launched" / Helfan Gay with Virginia (?) on the sandspit / Perch Fisher; Vera Ziegler

Scrapbook 2 LIBA

(Left to right in rows)


2-1 Volume 2 Scrapbook - Long Island Biological Assn.

2-2 Copy of Title Page from Symposium Book 1948 Symposium:Biological Applications of Tracer Elements

2-3 A. Benson;L. Michaelis / E. Caspari;M. Demerec / R. Bentley;K.Bloch / G. Hevesy;A. Pihl;H.Ussing (?) / G. Hammarsten:G.Ehrensvath (?) / R. Balomey;N.H.Giles;W.B. Cohn (?) / Hammarsten;Ussing;Ehrensvard;Rittenberg;Bernhard / C. Viller;M.Gibbs;B.Stee;A.Bensoh (?)

2-4 J.Bullman;I.M.London / G. Hevesy;W.E.Cohn / A.Benson;B.Shemin / L.E. Nims / D.Sherman;E. Hammarsten;G.B. Brown / D. Rittenberg;G. Brown / T.J. Arnason;G. Burch / D.M. Greenberg / G. Ehrensvard;K.Bernhard

2-5 P. Steinglass;I.F. Nims / M.D. Kamen;S.Spiegelman / W.Kieuey (?);S. Cohen / H. Branson; W.H. Durvee (?) / W.D. Roberts;J. Bollman / N.H. Giles;B.P. Knufman (?) / T.J. Arnason / H.E. Skiper;G. Brown / D.W. Wilson / J.B. Reiner;/ S. Wollman;Grannick S. Wollman;S. Cohen

2-6 D. Nachmansohn Discussing Ussing's paper / L Flexner giving his paper / H. Ussing / H.G. Wood / In the mess - D. Shemin;E. Hammarsten / E. Hammarsten;K. Bloch;G. Hevesy

2-7 The Symposium Spent an afternoon at Brookhaven (title): Biology Building / Those fascinating safety chutes / Ber Kaufmann;E.Liivgly;E.C. MacDowell / Charlie Warren;Charlie Carter / Biology Dept / Tholda and Arn Sparrow were among our hosts / Picture (no caption) / The Atomic Pile / Mark Adams and the Pit

2-8 The Symposium had supper at Brookhaven as guests of the U.S. Govt. (title, no photo): People eating (no identification) / G. Hevesy;M.Demerec / W.R. Singleton;G.D. Warren / J. Sacks;M.J. Taylor / ?;H.G. Wood;L. Crampitz

2-9 J.Lederberg;G.Montalenti;H.B. Glass;A. Steinberg./ B E. Lewis;C.C. Lindegren;A.H. Hershey;J.Lederberg / K. Maramorosch;A. Buzzati-Traverso/ A. Mirsky;P.C. Koller:/ T.M. Sonneborn;B.McClintock / C. Auerbach;G. Bonner (?) / The Boys from Lw�w - K.Maramorosch;W. Szybalski / Alexander Weinstein tells Virginia and Margaret Warren about the Cavemen / The Good Humor girl "?" by the Whitings

2-10 A. Buzzatti-Traverso;Hadorn;Goldschmidt / K.A. Bisset / B.P. Kaufman;P.C.Koller;E. Caspari

2-11 Mousers - E.C. MacDowell;M.J. Taylor;J. White / Gusta Ehrensvard / W.H. Sheldon / B. Thorell visited one day / B. Thorell

2-12 Hans Ussing and his family / Panorama no caption / E. Caspari;E. Lively;C. Warren;G. Ehrensvard / Man and child (no caption) / Beach (no caption) / G. Ehrensvard;E. Lively chess on the beach / Albert Kelner with Robert / Sam Grannick / Mildred Shemin with Louis Shemin, Margaret and Virginia Warren

2-13 Ann and Dudley Thomas / Panorama (no caption) / No Photo but caption: Nancy Collins ;Gus Doermann / Alan Bernheimer / Hooper and Williams / M. Schaeffe;Bernard David / Stella Thompson has a flat - Charlie Warren fixes it / Peggy Lieb / Milancie and Bill Sheldon

2-14 Deep Sea Fishing off Montauk July 14, 1948 (title): Gus Doermaann / C. Warren - A. Doermann - we fished in the gulf / R. Dulbecco / Nancy Collins / Charles Warren;Nancy Collins / Maryda Swanstrom / Harriett and a bass / Harriet Doermann (we caught porgies and bass) / Nan Okuda;Gunther Stent;Lillian Je????

2-15 Symposium Parties (title): Jane De Tomasi;C. Frumaglot?? / J.S. Fruton;Martin Kamen;C. Fromageot;V.Menkin;J.S. Struthers ??? / M.L. Andon;S. Simmunds;J.A.V. Butler / J.F. Danielli;J. De Tomasi

2-16 Goodbye Party for Gus and Harriet Doermann (title): Harriet;Charlie Warren;Nancy Collins;David Shemin? / D. Shemin;A.H. Doermann;H. Doermann;D. Crowfout Hodgkin; J.F. Taylor / Mildred Shemin;Maryda Swanstrom;J. Murray Luck / Perch Fisher;Mark Adams;Jim Danieli;B. Delaporte;H.Adams; G. Doermann / Gus and Harriet left for Pasadena on June 30 D. / Shemin;M. Swanstrom;M. Shemin; J.M. Luck

2-17 Blank page

2-18 1949 Symposium title page: XIV Amino Acids and Proteins

2-19 K. Linderstrom Lang; M.L. Anson / J.S. Fruton;P.C. Zamecnik;K. Linderstrom-Lang

2-20 K. Linderstrom-Lang;W.H. Stein / I. Frantz;S. Moore / K. Fankuchen / W. H. Stein;E.L. Smith;B. Herriot / S. Simmonds;P. Fredericq / D.M. Wrinch;C. Fromageot? / J.A. V. Butler;K. Peder?

20 K. Linderstrom-Lang;S. Simonds;C. Fromageot;F.Sanger / D. Crowfoot Hodgkin;F.B. Seibert (Background A. Mazur) / M. Demerec; JM Kirkwood;K. Pedersen / F. Sanger;D. Shemin;A.Keston / J. Murray Luck / S. Moore;R Herriott / Margaret McDonald Prytz;B. Prytz / G. Barry;ML Anson JT Randall;JF Danielli

21 DM Wrinch;BW Low / JAV Butler;JM Kirkwood;E./ Brand Brand;Kirkwood;Round;Butler / A. Keston;S. Undenfriend;F. Sanger / Keith Cannan;Henry Bull / A. Marshak;A Rothen;I Fankuchen / D. Crowfout Hodgkin;AL Patterson / G. Bertani;JF Danielli;WB Stein;S. Goodgal / R. Renesch (foreground)HJ Tegs ;AH Doermann

22 Emil Smith;JS Fruton / BP Kaufmann;P. and N. Abelson / RD Hotchkiss;B. Freeman / The M. Fabers; FB Sibert / M. Levy / M. Heidelberger / V. Menkin;B. Delaporte / E. Caspari;S. Emerson / A. Keston / G.Perlmann;G. Linderstrom Lang;M. Peterman

23 The Wedding of Bill Belger and Nad Okuda was held in the Symposium Room in Blackford on Sept. 10, 1949: No caption (husband and wife in limo) / Ingalil andd Gosta Ehrensvard came to the wedding / Bill and Nad after their wedding / Gosta Ehrensvard in the US for 6 weeks visited CSH twice. Holding Constance Warren / G. Ehrensvard;The Jan Mohrs;KB Warren; at the Warren's house

24 Title page 1950 Symposium - Origin and Evolution of Man

25 Symposium Party at the Warren's: AE Mourant;SM Garn / RR Bace;T.Kemp / TD Stewart;A. Scheinfeld;SM Garn / A.Buzzati-Traverso;R. Race;LC Dunn / RR Race;LC Dunn / E. Hunt;A. Scheinfeld;LH Snyder / WH Wheldon;T. Kemp / M. Bates;SL Washburn;TD Stewart

26 The 1950 Symposium in Action - Pictures by M. Buzzati-Traverso: JB Birdsell;WC Boyd;LG Boyd / T. Kemp;DP Murphy;KB Warren;CW Warren;J. Birdsell / GG Simpson giving his paper / T. Kemp / MFA Montagu

27 Organizers and First Speakers Symposium 15 "Origin and Evolution of Man" June 9-17 1950: R. Steinberg;LC Dunn;TH Dobzhansky / Curt Stern;SL Washburn / LC Dunn;HB Glass;A. Steinberg;H. Strandskov / A. Buzzati-Traverso;AB DDaCunha;GG Simpson / M. Demerec;AL Kroeber / Marston Bates / H. Strandskov;AB Hanna / MFA Montagu;JL Angel;R. Morrison / A. Steinberg;LC Dunn;M. Demerec / Clockwise: LH Snyder;L. Sanghvi;MFA Montagu;AB DaCunha; A. Buzzati-Traverso;C. Stern

28 The first third of the session was mostly palaeontology : TD McCown;AL Krobert / GG Simpson;Ernst Mayr;TD McCown / A dolph Schucltz / AL Kroeber;TD McCown / SL Washburn;Clyde Kluckman;AL Kroeber / SL Washburn;AB Hanna / JV Neel;TD Stewart / JV Neel;JB BirdsellL Sanghvi;MF Ashley Montagu;Mrs. Montagu / JB Birdsdell;TD Dtewart

29 The Human Genetics: Douglas P. Murphy;MF Ashley Montagu / Franz Kallmann;Bentley Glass / CD Warren;LH Snyder / Franz Kallmann (B. Wolf) / SC Reed;KB Warren / Tage Kemp / Jan Book / Helly Kallmann;G. Sander / T. Kemp

30 The Blood Groupers took over: AS Wiener;AB Hanna / JL Angel;WC Boyd / AS Wiener;H. Strandskov;AB Hanna / Marguerite Vogt;AE Mourant / KB Warren;RR Race / AE Mourant;WC Boyd / PHOTO MISSING: Dobzhansky;Wallace;Mayr / H Levene;B. Wallace / B. Wallace;F. King;K. Koopman;AJ Cain

31 Then the anthropologists: C. Sesltzer;MFA Montagu;EA Hooton;JB Birdsell;EE Hunt / EA Hooton;JB Birdsell / E. Mayr;WS Laughlin;C Seltzer;MFA Montagu;E. Hooton / Arthur J. Cain / No identification men in group / WS Laughlin (background W. Pollitzer) / C. Seltzer;MFA Montagu;E. Hooton / SM Garn;E. Mayr / C. Stern;M. Vogt

32 Pictures by AE Mourant Between Symposium Sessions: M. Demerec;SL Washburn;A Schultz / A. Buzzati-Traverso;TH.Dobzhansky;L. Sanchvi; EE Hunt; B. Wallace; / ?;E. Mayr / No caption men talking in group / E. Mayr;C. Stern / No caption men on lawn talking / TD Dtewart;WS Laughlin;RR Race;LH Snyder / Group of people talking on Blackford Pation (no caption)

33 Symposium at Jones Beach: Ocean photo (no caption) / E. Mayr;SC Reed;TD Stewart;LH Snyder;MFA Montagu; / Surf (no caption) / People playing wheelbarrow (no caption) / SL Washburn;TD Dtewart;TD McCown; / Wheelbarrow race (no caption) / People on beach (no caption) / People on beach (no caption) / People on beach (no caption)

34 Sunday on the Warren's Terrace: H. Kallmann;JV Neel;DP Murphy;CP Oliver / Jim Neel;Douglas Murphy;Pete Olivb; / Shel Reed;Franz Kallmann;Bentley Glass / DP Murphy;CP Oliver;F. Kallmann / A. Scheinfeld;Connie Warren;Connie's Grandmother / Ambam draws a cartoon

35 M. Demerec / People (no caption) / AJ Cain;M. Vogt / People outside Blackford (no caption) / E. Mayr (also in his photo file) / M. Bates / People outside Blackford (no caption) / People on Blackford Terrace (no caption) / R. Demerec / HB Glass;KB Warren;LC Dunn / People on Blackford Terrace (no caption)

36 1950 Nature Study under Dr. Pauline James: 5 Photographs without captions of children at class

37 6 Photographs without captions of children at class

38 Lab People in the summer 1950: Helen Redfield Schultz;J. Schultz;Ernst Caspari / CO Warren;J. Schultz;E. Caspari / Connie Warren;KB Warren;Frances Racker / Shirley Hotchkiss;Frances Racker;Various Warrens / Kitty Warren;EF Racker;Rollin Hotchkiss

39 Mildred Shemin;Allan Bernheimer;David Shemin / A. Bernheimer;D. Shemin / M. Vogt;Harriet Bernheimer / Ellen Stedman;Eric Sansome;Edgar Stedman

40 Title Page of Sumposium XVI Genes and Mutations

41 Discussions: FD Delamater / KC Atwood;J Lederberg; / BD Davis;SG Stephens / R Novick;B. Rubin (Background F. Cran; / M Whittinghill; Wester?;Davis;Demerec

42 A. Scheinfeld;W. Brown / Bruce Stocker (or B.A.D. Stocker);W. Braun;(rear) N. Visconti di Modrone;A. Carvalho / BD Davis;M. Demerec / JR. Taylor;O Eigsti / G. Bonnier;WL Russell / SB Pelc;PC Kuller / E. Caspari; AH Doermann; / H. Ephrussi Taylor;B. Ephrussi;L Szilard / N. Dobzhansky;KC Atwood;HB Glass;J. Keosian

43 Kodachromes by Connie Mitchell: TW Whiting;KB Warren / P. L'Heritier;TM Sonneborn / R. Goldschmidt;PW Whiting / Joshua and Esther Lederberg / Sol Spiegelman;N. Visconti di Modrone / A. Hollaender;HH Plough

44 H. Papazian;EB Lewis:A. Weinstein / L. Szilard;PW Whiting;DM Bonner / S. Spiegelman;E. Altenburg / S. Spiegelman;HB Glass / LJ Stader;CC Lindergren:NH Giles;DF Poulson;DM Bonner / F. Loomis;JR Taylor;KH Rothfeld / Crowded Sessions: V. Bryson;A. Weinstein;Schenfeld; / PW Whiting;HH Plough;(Background - L. Sanghvi) / S. Hutner / HB Creighton

45 Novick;L. Szilard / E. Altenburg;A. Novick / C. Baup;W. Szybalski / Lab (panorama no caption) / A. Gustafsson / FH Anderson / A. Buzzati-Traverso ;A Novick / Woman (no identifications)

46 E. Haddron;B. Ephrussi;P.L Heritier / Boris Ephrussi (also in his file) / C.Lindegren;RD Hotchkiss;W. Atchley / Sonneborn / Unidentified man and woman

47 The Phage Course: Director, Mark Adams / Most famous student Leo Szilard / Distinguished alumnus R Hotchkiss and Director Emeritus Max Delbruck / Lab Assistant Nancy Collins / Mark Adams / Ephraim Racker painted Adams and Delbruck / Nancy Collins; Reba Mirsky'

48 From Atop the Water Tower: 5 Views taken by I. Galinsky

49 A. Marshak;K. Porter;S. Granick / K. Porter;CJ Lynch;R. Pallate / BD Davis and ? / Franz Schrader / Leo Szilard;Al Hershey / SW Metz

50 Stephens / R. Goldschmidt / S. Zamenhof / EB Lewis / W. Szybalski;H. Creighton / F. Altenburg

51 J. and E. Lederbergs / David Bonner / HB Glass / Buzzati Traverso;CC Lindegren

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