Brief Timeline for Carnegie Institution of Washington


Department of Carnegie Institution of Washington

Director: Dr. Charles B. Davenport

*On Saturday, June 11, 1904, there was a gala ceremony to mark the formal opening of the Carnegie Institution’s Station for Experimental Evolution. It was evident that the Carnegie Institution of Washington was serious about making Cold Spring Harbor the site of serious year-round research.

1921-1962 DEPARTMENT OF GENETICS OF CARNEGIE INSTITUTION OF WASHINGTON (Merger of Station for Experimental Evolution and Eugenics Records Office)

Director: 1921-1934 Dr. Charles B. Davenport 1934-1941 Dr. Albert F. Blakeslee 1941-1960 Dr. Milislav Demerec 1960-1962 Dr. Berwind P. Kaufmann

*In 1962 Caryl Haskins, then president of CIW closed down the Dept. of Genetics and hand over its physical resources to the Bio Lab provided it could become a financially viable organization. If this could be accomplished the CIW would continue to support Barbara McClintock and Alfred Hershey at Cold Spring Harbor.

1962-1971 GENETICS RESEARCH UNIT Carnegie Institution of Washington

Director: 1962-1971 Dr. Alfred D. Hershey


* Text taken from "The First Hundred Years: A History of Man and Science at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory".


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